Do you support multiple connections for Regression testing?


I’m trying to compare two dashboards posted on two sites after backend data update. What’d the best way to do that?


Regression testing is used to track (unexpected) changes to a given dashboard over time. If you need to compare dashboards under different Tableau Environments (server, site, project etc), you can use Cross-Environment testing. With the radio button, you can simply select what you’d like to compare.

It is very similar to Regression testing, in terms of logic, the difference is that here you can compare two separate dashboards, for example, an old one and one after an upgrade. Regression testing, on the other hand, looks at the same dashboard and compares to the snapshot/ baseline at a later moment in time, when you run the test case.

For more info on Cross-Environment testing please refer to our documentation:


Thanks! Cross-Environment testing is actually very helpful for my use case