Easy and fast way to 'bulk edit' Kinesis tests


I have to create repetitive test cases, i.e. functional tests for a number of filters and cross-environment tests for a Tableau Server upgrade scenario (some 100 dashboards). Is there a way to create test cases faster, maybe programmatically?


Yes, you can work with json (text) files that can be edited easily programmatically. If you create a test in the UI, that actually generates a json file containing data for the test runner command line interface (Kinesis CLI) then runs the test based on this.

If you look at a last Kinesis test project, you created, it’d have a similar file structure to the below, where test folder contains your test cases you set up.

If you open up the test folder, you’ll see a kinesis.json in each of them. These contain the variables for the given test case for the command line interface to run.

These files you can generally produce or edit programmatically so that you don’t have to create so many test in the UI.

For example, to create a number of Cross-Environment tests, you can just copy the folder for a given cross-environment test with the kinesis.json file located inside the folder and you just need to change ‘target-url’ and ‘url’ for the different dashboards you want to test.


Thanks for the fast answer!