Issue with trial license


I’ve downloaded Kinesis, generated a trial license in Settings, however when I try to run a test, I get the following error.

Invalid license file. License expires on [DATE] but not valid for this computer. License file is valid for 1 computer(s) however not valid for current computer.


Kinesis CI licenses are tied to a specific computer and user. If you try to use a Kinesis CI licenses on a different computer where the trial license has been generated / licenese key activated, it’ll give you an error message.

It is also possible to get a license error if you have not unzipped Kinesis CI properly after downloading. Please ensure you unzip the Kinesis bundle package fully before using the software.
Please check out the troubleshooting section of our documentation under:

If you can’t resolve the issue, feel free to reach out to us at Kinesis CI and we’ll help you!


Thank you! I have not unzipped my Kinesis bundle properly initially. Now the license seems to be working and I can run my test cases.